Sunday, May 5, 2013

From Pinterest to Gumroad, 19-Year-Old Sahil Lavingia Journey Through Silicon Valley

At 19, Sahil Lavingia have the resume to do the majority of people in Silicon Valley envy. Not only was he part of the team promoting Pinterest hugely popular social media sites, he helped develop a number of successful smartphone apps like and co-launched a crate file sharing site in 2010. But today, young technology dynamo busy celebrating the one year anniversary Gumroad, a service that helps people sell tangible innovations such as songs and pictures.

Lavingia we talk about being a young entrepreneur and what it's like to raise more than $ 1 million from several venture capitalists in the world. Here is a snapshot edited from the conversation:

What Gumroad?

Our goal is to make selling as easy as sharing things. Publisher cycle gets shorter content. First it was books, newspapers and magazines. Instead of a blog, now with Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Models sold primed for disruption. I do not think the way we feel that interact with each other enough to transfer, but the way we sell the same model we used ten years ago.

How do you find investors for Gumroad?

Every single investor in the valley know what Pinterest is only because we raised a large amount of cash. So because of my experience with Pinterest, I know that many investors are there in person. Investing is all based on relationships and tend to snowball. You get some people who say "yes" and everyone wants to join.

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Do you always have business ambitions?

Since I was 13, I'm building something. I do not like, "I want to start a company." People want to develop a product and sometimes the best way to develop a product to start a company around it. I do not really call myself an entrepreneur, I just want to build cool stuff.

Does your child ever held your age too?

No, actually my age getting me in the door once. If I were in the same place I am now but I'm 40, no one noticed. Moreover, users do not care how old I am. They just want to use the best products.

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Who in the world of technology inspire you?

My favorite is the founder Cory Levy. He is the founder and COO of One Inc, An application that notifies users when someone around them to share their interests .. He did not get caught up in the hype and collect the money and all the things that are not important, he really is.

What is on tap for you?

Hopefully not. If Gumroad running as well as I hoped it would be, I want to work until I die. I think it solves a very big problem. And I think I can focus here is the key. Founder I respect most of those who work tirelessly in their company.

Any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I think people are too obsessed with the idea of ​​starting a company. People should be more concerned about being happy. I do not work in Gumroad because I wanted to change the world. That might be what happened, but I definitely want to work with because I feel Gumroad fun.