Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hybrid Tech and Ford Hybrid Cars

Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Ford hybrid - 2 new models of hybrid vehicles from Ford - to be introduced in the market. One of the two, Ford Escape Hybrid was the first hybrid SUV introduced commercially. Like its competitors, such as Toyota, Honda and GM, Ford also keeping busy market. Apart from two commercially available hybrid vehicles with three more models expected to hit the market soon. The car maker has more than 100 hybrid method patent applications. Why Go Hybrid?
In the hybrid vehicle, visitors to improved fuel efficiency, equal or even greater comfort compared to conventional cars, spacious cars and performance that is unmatched. What an exciting Any changes to the car manufacturers are doing their hybrid models, it is common to offer them at a lower price than the previous model The Escape Hybrid
The Ford Escape Hybrid is the 11th greenest vehicles with names and offered at a price lower than the previous models. Has added safety features and makes use of materials Niresaykel. Like other hybrid car manufacturers Environmental concerns consideration in its design. Mercury Mariner
Another hybrid model of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid Ford. This model is not as popular as the Ford Escape Hybrid. Is not easy to find this model on the market. To add something, you have to order directly from Ford. model is not the hit it was expected. The good news is that Ford offers this model at a lower price than its predecessor technology hybrids
Many automakers Now
full hybrid technology. This means that their hybrid products can run simultaneously on both gasoline and electricity, or to choose between two sources at a given time. You can run entirely on gasoline or electricity, depending on terrain vehicle is traveling. Most of the city traffic using electricity. This is a great way to save gas when the prices.
Some hybrid cars are running through the combination of two electric motors with a gas engine. The gasoline engine is changed from running the Otto cycle Atkinson cycle. This change allows the vehicle to make better use of power. Engine is. Produce lower horsepower due to less air and fuel, so that the electrical part of the active feature is quite efficient in city traffic, where the user save a lot on fuel. Variable Transmission Technology
Hybrid cars use variable transmission technology called Electronic controlled continuously variable transmission or ecvt. The technology for the distribution of load between the gasoline engine and electric motor. Enables the efficient hybrids in both on-road and off-road terrain. Regenerative braking technology is also used by cars, making them much otherwise recover wasted energy, fuel more efficiently. Whether you screen Ford hybrids or cars from other manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota, you will notice that the equipment that they can offer a little more expensive than cars with full fuel but in the long run, greater savings can be realized by using environment friendly technologies.