Thursday, February 27, 2014

Work and Stress

Stress is a feeling of emotional and physical stress. Stress can cause long lasting physical and psychological illness. There are different types of stress, work stress is one of them, and is widely spread in the modern world. To relieve stress, first of all, you should know the cause, and the reason for a lot of stress in the workplace. Here they are: - overtime, which must stay late hours, working non-stop with no days off and holidays, must take work home; Recognizing the possibility of layoffs; Feeling that you have made the wrong career choice; Strained Relationships with colleagues and boss.

Symptoms Stress in the Workplace The sooner you pay attention to the symptoms of work-related stress - it can be easier to get rid of it. Here is a list of symptoms: - Your job will not take away the feeling of satisfaction you; Do you have trouble sleeping. Waking up in the morning you feel slack; You get annoyed easily and can break; Do you have problems with digestion; Your head constantly sick; You change your personal life, you have a problem with family and friends; Your spirit is at the minimum level; You have a dental problem; Are you addicted to smoking or alcohol, at least slightly.What Job Stress Can Lead The list of diseases caused by fatigue is great. 

Everything can be divided into 3 main groups: The heart and circulatory system diseases Diseases of the muscles and skeletal system DiseasesWays to overcome this psychological Get rid of the stress associated with the job is not easy, but doable. Method of dealing with this is as follows: If you are late you fall, try to avoid the extra work. In addition, what you really need is to take a vacation, refusing to go to work and when I go home. If you think you might be laid off, there's nothing you can do about it except the careful preparation for this dramatic rise. You can update your resume, register on the website to find a job and start building your personal brand and professional on social networks. If you believe that you are in the wrong career, there is no other way out except to change careers. Be a career changer is not easy but it is a wonderful challenge and adventure. If you can not get with colleagues and superiors, try to resolve the conflict and at least try to find a common language with them. You can always read the advice communication at work or respond to a psychologist.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Agent Support for Investment

Poland is looking for new investors, for that reason and to provide the best service, the Minister of Poland Donald Tusk proposed public spending programs aimed at improving the growth of foreign investment in the country. A "Special Investment Vehicle" was created last year to this although it is not running at this time, it has it year.Other "investment support" mechanism Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development (PARP), which stands out because of their special treatment in the management of Different program is intended only for the development of enterprise-sized 'small and medium enterprises and their international activities. 

Thus, to support the company by providing financing and knowledge of economic information, research, reports and analysis relevant to the company. Monetary, the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) stands as a major investor in Central European and Oriental indirectly.EBRD direct investments and has invested more than 1 million project to which the funds are from € 5,000,000 to € 230 million. It also provides financing, guarantees, equipment leasing and trade finance. Related to direct investment, the EBRD provides credit lines to financial intermediaries.Investment incentivesPoland is the perfect destination for internationalization. There is great incentive system for investments managed by Aid Law Financial Investor (March 20, 2002), the Law on State Aid (April 30, 2004), and articles 36, 73, 86-89 and 296 of the Treaty of accession to the European Union. Investors can take advantage of tax incentives and financial assistance through regional aid.Regional aidPoland, horizontal and sectoral level has a great advantage of state aid is higher than in other EU countries and it is essential to meet certain requirements to qualify for assistance. 

Companies applying for such assistance must make a minimum investment of € 100,000, you are contributing at least 25% with a minimum stay in the country for 5 years and 3 in the case of small businesses.Poland Also Special Economic Zones (SEZs) located in less developed areas to improve the balance between business and the difference regions.Investors will have preferential treatment in this area until 2020. If you want to make a significant investment, Poland has developed a Multi-Year Support Program (MASP) for sectors such as automotive, electronics, biotechnology, Shared Services Center, Research and Development Center ... AidThis aid compatible with horizontal support area. Usually this is provided by concepts such as employment, training, environmental protection research and development and financial instruments. It is noteworthy that aid for R & D that goes into the project from different regions. 

The company will also benefit from assistance to support measures to promote the efficient use of natural resources. It can be considered as an area of ​​support to environmental protection related to new investment or if the horizontal support environmental protection modernization and it can be proved that they help to improve existing equipment and infrastructure.Sectorial AidCertain sector can have a priority and therefore receive the grant, pursuant to promote programs for priority investments in the Polish economy for the years 2011-2020 was adopted at the Council of Ministers on July 5 2011. In this case, the company should only depend on this grant and shall include the following sectors: automotive, electronics, aviation, modern services, and biotechnology research and development.