Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nook Color: A Good Looking E-Reader

Nook Color (NOOKcolor) is a Barnes & Noble e-reader devices in the virtual line between e-reader and pad feet This is not an unexpected development since e-readers still The jockeying to seem to find their perfect niche. To call the device Color pad for some, perhaps a bit too adventurous for a term. A Barnes and Noble may appeal against Apple (iPad) memory fighting powerful animal eats the down-food-chain animal cable TV programs. More likely, there's nothing dramatic in the horizon, and the Nook Color finding its own cranny.

consumer is a small chance of conflict when it comes to e-readers. They like the idea of ​​a more readable, eye-friendly device, but once they see 3G or WiFi, they expect multipurpose functionality. Some e-readers are offered a limited browsing capabilities of the web, the experimental and the term used to describe the current state of development. The Nook Color, on the other hand has to go to his browser and other media functions in a trial where no e-reader has never seen better. The Nook Color does not use e-ink screen, but with backlit touch screen. E-reader purist them at a disadvantage or even sellout, but there are a lot more pizazz to the eReader.

At $ 249, the Nook is relatively inexpensive. It has beautiful color screen for magazines and photos, play music and reads aloud to you. With wide viewing angle it is said to reduce glare inside or outside reading. That says e-reader fans know that NC is primarily an e-reader. What kind of tablet devices are capable of portrait and landscape shots.

You can change the display aspect of the type of material to fit the display.

has 8GB of memory, enough to hold a lot of things. However, you can up to 32 GB with a micro-SD card cheap, with many users never do. As described in the article "", the new device runs on Google Android OS and allows users to half a million titles in the Google Books Library Download.

After a lot of good points in NC covered, let's look at some drawbacks or negatives. Firstly, the Nook Color battery life, while very good (up to 8 hours) , the trade-off Nook 3G and Nook, the e-ink screen compared. When I plug charges more is more important than the advanced features and color screen, you can send an E Ink style e-reader preferences. Speaks color screen, some argue that text reading more comfortable with an e-ink device, but a matter of taste.

The bottom line is the unit cool device, the more functions can serve as a simple e-reader. having to get better access email and media may be enough for some users to the need for another device when traveling alleviate, especially on a day trip or holiday. Whether you are considering an e-reader, but can not get past some of their shortcomings, the Nook Color may be worth a look.

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